Why AlphaLife

● How often do you wish you could be a better YOU?

● How often have you wanted to show the world the real YOU?

● How often have you stood in front of the mirror and fantasized about being the Best YOU?

If it is more often than not, then it is time to take your health in your hands!

AlphaLife is that novel concept that will help you do just that.

Visit our Experts from the fields of Medical Genetics, Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Genetic Counselling who will guide and custom design your fitness regime, nutrition intake and optimum lifestyle using your genetic markings that will unlock the secret code to a healthier, happier You.

What is AlphaLife

Predictive and presymptomatic types of testing are used to detect gene mutations associated with disorders that appear after birth, often later in life. Predictive testing can identify mutations that increase a person’s risk of developing disorders with a genetic basis, such as certain types of cancer. Presymptomatic testing can determine whether a person will develop a genetic disorder, such as hereditary hemochromatosis (an iron overload disorder), before any signs or symptoms appear. The results of predictive and presymptomatic testing can provide information about a person’s risk of developing a specific disorder and help with making decisions about medical care.

AlphaLife is a comprehensive predictive and presymptomatic testing based on cutting edge genome sequencing technology. The genetic information from AlphaLife combined with biochemical test provides personalized, useful, and relevant insights on your health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

How to best use your genetic information






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Is AlphaLife the right product for my family and me

The human body is an amazing living machine with various components working optimally to attain daily wellness. We are always recommended a diet and exercise in general, without much emphasis on the kind of diet or the type of exercise. Some of us might have even complained regarding the lack of observable feeling of wellness even with regular diet and exercise. Well do you ever think that the diet and exercise you are following is not advantageous for your body? Do you ever wish to have someone recommend the diet, nutrition or exercise that’s best suited for you based on your genetic makeup? Then AlphaLife is the answer.

AlphaLife offers complete and comprehensive understanding of your health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. It inspires you to attain a greater experience of wellness. It’s personalized resources, tools and health plan will help you plan a positive lifestyle. Thus enabling you to stand with confidence and change the way you experience wellness. AlphaLife is proactive health and wellness.

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How can I use AlphaLife to plan my lifestyle better

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AlphaLife’s personalized report helps you plan your daily exercise, diet, and nutrition. A comprehensive understanding of your health will give you the ability to be proactive and manage your health to mitigate or procrastinate any condition for which you might carry a known risk.

AlphaLife for a complete health and wellness planning

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Comprehensive Bio-Chemical Analysis

The 100+ biochemical tests asses the current functioning of various aspects of your health. These encompass lipid profile, hormonal profile, liver function tests, renal profile etc.

Comprehensive Genetic Analysis

The NGS based one-time genetic test in which the wealth of information in your DNA is extracted and subjected to advanced analytics. Thus providing you with meaningful data with actionable findings.

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Personalized Fitness and Nutrition plan

Nutritional and fitness counseling to provide you a personalized plan are not mere short term suggestions but are backed by solid evidence based on your genetic blue-print.

One-time test for a lifetime of happiness

You can use the power of AlphaLife to bring in positive long lasting changes in your life for optimal wellbeing. The actionable findings identified remain relevant throughout your life time.

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“We have already learnt to control the environment we live in. By harnessing the power of genetics we can understand our true self and modulate our lifestyle to bring out our true potential.”

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